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A disgraced journalist travels to the Republic of Georgia to investigate the story of a local hacktivist who has illegally downloaded millions of scientific research papers from behind paywalls and is giving them away for free to anyone through a website called

GEORGIAN CHRONICLES is a drama/thriller feature film inspired by the true story of Kazakh graduate student, Alexandra Elbakyan. The screenplay is set in modern day Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia, and follows an intrepid investigative journalist as he schemes to get an interview with his illusive subject, taking us on a journey through the murky underground networks of the former Soviet country. The film explores contemporary themes of injustice, corporate exploitation, and individual action.


Kate Murphy, New York Times, 3/12/2016 on Alexandra Elbakyan, "Drawing comparisons to Edward Snowden, a graduate student from Kazakhstan named Alexandra Elbakyan is believed to be hiding out in Russia after illegally leaking millions  of documents. While she didn’t reveal state secrets, she took a stand  for the public’s right to know by providing free online access to just  about every scientific paper ever published, on topics ranging from  acoustics to zymology. Her  protest against scholarly journals’ paywalls has earned her rock-star  status among advocates for open access, and has shined a light on how  scientific findings that could inform personal and public policy  decisions on matters as consequential as health care, economics and the  environment are often prohibitively expensive to read and impossible to  aggregate and datamine."


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